Best Way To Paint a Large Room

A fresh coat of paint is enough to brighten any room, whether it is a small bathroom or a large family room. The difference, however, is the ease of which the job is done. As you would have thought, it takes much more effort to paint a large room than it does to paint a small room. But, it is not hard to do! Here are some tips to help you paint your large room in the best way.

• Prepare the room
It is almost impossible to effectively paint a room without taking care to prepare it properly. First you will want to remove any pictures, painting or posters that are on the wall. Any furniture that is against the wall should be moved into another room. Something big, like a couch, can simply be moved into the center of the room.
After this is done, you will want to cover everything up with a large tarp.

• Three coats of paint
To ensure proper paint application, three coats should be used. A primer should be used first, followed by 2 coats of paint.
The corners of the room should be painted first, followed by the borders. It is important to apply paint from dry areas into wet areas. This is will make sure that the paint blends evenly and will not streak.
In most cases, the room should be allowed to dry for one day between coats.

• Be patient while it dries
You may be excited to get your new room in order; however you should wait 2-3 days before using the room or removing any painting tape that may be used.

Once everything is completed, give the room a few hours to air out. When you return you can be proud of the great job that you have done!

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