Getting Your House Ready For Spring Painting

When it comes to spring break projects, one of those could be a new adventure never traveled before, as opposed to the same old “clean the garage” project. Many people choose to paint their walls, but this is not just a simple “coat of white” followed by a nice coating of gray or light blue. No, we are talking about the artistic endeavor, the choice to paint your dining room or living room with a vibrancy only followed by the most dedicated artist.

You can be an artist to your own home. This could be in decoration and layout, but it can be most traditionally applied by opting to paint your home like an artist. Some choose this more elaborate idea, trying bright graphics and abstract art to whisk away a visitor, while others opt for the more typical approach. Either way, it is a great spring break project. But there are few steps to tackle first before you grab a brush and go crazy.

Move furniture: Move the furniture away from the walls to avoid any costly paint drips. You can hide everything away in the garage and go at the wall with all obstacles aside.

Cover the floor: If you do not cover the floor, you may discover chunks of paint hiding away in your carpet non-conspicuously. Grab large sheets and cover the floor, especially along the wall lining, to avoid drips and carpet damage.

Sketch an Idea; if you choose the more unique angle of painting your wall with an image or layout you need to do the obvious- lay it out! Grab some board pencils and sketch the idea out in relative detail before you put paint to surface. Match colors and outline a strategy for even the most basic of pallets.

With all that said, you may want to just adventure and dive in to a unique paint.

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