How to Choose Exterior Paint of your Business

With the doom and gloom of the current economic climate plus stiff competition from other business who are slashing their costs to complete, many business owners are facing a tough time keeping afloat. If this sounds like you, don’t despair just yet because there are things you can do to help attract customers.

Of course having a sale, running promotions or special offers is all well and good, but take a step back for a moment and have a good look at your actual business. No, not the books and accounts and stock levels, but the bricks and mortar that actually house you and your company. What do you see? If you are being completely honest with yourself, has the exterior of your business seen better days? Is it looked a touch faded or jaded? Is it failing to make an impact and lost amongst the surrounding businesses or buildings? If so, it’s time to consider painting the exterior of your property.

A new sign, fresh paint or protective covering on the forecourt, such as National Coatings Surface Master will make all the difference and you may be surprised at how not only your customers react but how your staff will be given a morale boost too.  Whether you own a bakery or a attorney’s office that could benefit from some new gloss paint on the window frames and front door, or a car showroom that would look a whole lot more professional with a floor covered in The Surface Master, it’s time to starting putting a plan into action.

You may decide to tackle the job yourself and if so, just make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for. You may need to close your business for a few days, especially if you’re applying The Surface Master or a floor coating as you’ll need to ensure it is completely dry before anyone treads on it. Doing work over a public holiday or a weekend when you may normally be closed is obviously beneficial and it may be worth waiting until the next long weekend before starting work.

If you’re not overly confident in your painting and decorating skills and can’t find a friend to bribe into doing it for you, hiring a professional commercial contractor to do the job is your best bet. A professional contractor will know how to correctly prepare exterior surfaces before painting. They will also be able to advise which method of painting is suitable for your business property, depending on the size and the surfaces to be covered. A professional should also be knowledgeable in applying National Coatings Surface Master if you need to protect a floor, forecourt or even a spray paint booth.

As a starting point, talk to friends, family and other local businesses who you know have recently had work done and get recommendations and referrals. Word of mouth is definitely the best way to find a contractor to paint your exterior and the best part is you’ll be able to take a look at their previous work and see for yourself just how much better your business will look with a fresh, new coat of paint!

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