How To Clean a Space Before Painting

Painting a room or some other surface can be fun and add a welcomed change to a space. However, before starting on any paint job it is important to ensure that the space that needs to be painted is completely cleaned. Applying paint to an unclean surface can result in the discoloration of the paint or debris being present in the surface of the wall or object that is painted. Here are some cleaning measures that should be taken before painting.

Remove Cobwebs and Dust- When preparing a place to paint, it is important to take a broom or feather duster to remove any dust or cobwebs from the area to be painted. You don’t want dust or cobwebs to get into the paint.

Wash dirt from the surface- If the surface is noticeably dirty, it is important to use a damp lint free cloth to remove any dirt on the surface of the wall or the object that needs to be painted.

Wash away oil- If you are painting in a kitchen or a restaurant it is important to remove any baked in accumulation of oil from surfaces. Cleaning away oil must be done with a cleanser designed specifically for this purpose. Cleaners such as 409 have proven to be effective in removing oil from surfaces.

Sanding the surface- For some paint jobs, it may be necessary to clean existing paint off of the surface. This can be done through sanding. Failure to clear away cracked or chipped paint will lead to a less than stellar paint job.

Indeed, when painting it is important to start with a clean surface so that the end result will be a paint job that is attractive. In addition cleaning the surface appropriately also guarantees that the paint job will last for many years to come.

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