Painting Your House Without The Mess

Painting a room or several rooms in your home is the perfect way to dramatically change any space on a budget. Paint is very inexpensive and is easy to do with the right supplies and quality paint. The only downside to repainting is the mess that it can make. Luckily there is a way to paint your home without the mess. Here is how.

In order to paint without the mess, the first thing you need are the right supplies. Aside from paint, paint trays rollers and brushes a tarp/drop cloth is needed along with masking tape, a sponge and a screwdriver.

In order to paint your home neatly and mess free you should begin by removing everything off of your walls. This should include pictures, A/C vents, outlets and switch plates. Once everything is removed wipe down walls to remove any dirt or debris. Once this is complete move furniture to the center of the room and cover with a drop cloth. Also cover floor with a drop cloth or tarp and secure with masking tape.

When floor is covered, spackling and sanding of the walls can be done if needed. Once this is complete painting can begin. In order to avoid a mess have one large paint bucket and pour desired amount into a paint tray. Just in case a spill occurs have a wet cloth or sponge handy to wipe any paint up.

Overall, painting your house without the mess is simple as long as you prepare correctly. When painting, it is important to take the extra time to cover flooring and furniture before painting. In addition, during the painting process be sure to take your time, read directions, ventilate the area and paint in a W or V pattern as you make your way across the wall.

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